Published in Delaware Valley Journal

Partnerships with Local Industries
Critical to Support Medical
Workers During COVID-19

By Dr. Dean Evan Hart

The coronavirus has disrupted our normal lives for longer than anyone expected.
While states are transitioning away from stay-at-home orders and
returning to some sense of ordinary life, it appears that our hospitals
and our healthcare workers will be grappling with this pandemic into
the foreseeable future. Now more than ever it is important that
medical professionals stay properly prepared for the unknown that may lie ahead.


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Quoted in Sun Sentinel

As Marlins deal with COVID-19 outbreak,
are catchers more susceptible to
catching or spreading coronavirus?

By Wells Dusenbury

“What you’ve got there is a hitter and an umpire, each of them
doing different things,” said microbiologist Dr. Dean Hart, who
spent who spent 25 years as an Associate Research Scientist
and Assistant Professor at the Columbia University College of
Physicians and Surgeons.


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